Pursuant to Art. V, sec. 1-a(10) of the Texas Constitution, the Commission may issue a public statement concerning any proceeding when sources other than the Commission cause notoriety concerning a judge or the Commission itself and it determines that the best interests of a judge or of the public will be served by issuing the statement.

Public Statements
TitleStatement #Date Posted
Re: Whether part-time magistrate judges in Bexar County may represent certain criminal defendants before the Bexar County courtsPS-2013-104/29/2013
Re: Public Statement Concerning Aransas County Judge William AdamsPS-2012-111/22/2011
Re: Expunged Order of Public Censure Against Former Judge Robert JeneveinPS-2008-112/17/2007
Re: Family law judges who serve on CASA board of directorsPS-2006-111/18/2005
Re: Commission’s response to representations made by a judge and local media concerning rationale for a Commission actionPS-2003-110/22/2002
Re: Judges participation in public fundraising efforts to raise money to hire lobbyistsPS-2002-105/11/2001
Re: Commission’s response to representations made by a judge concerning rationale for a Commission actionPS-2000-304/04/2000
Re: Clarification of canons relating to public endorsement of candidatesPS-2000-203/24/2000
Re: Judges serving as active law enforcement officersPS-2000-103/24/2000