Private Admonition of a Justice of the Peace. (11/01/13).


The judge's demeanor while presiding over court cases demonstrated a willful and/or persistent failure to maintain patience, courtesy, and dignity toward litigants, attorney, and others with whom he deals in an official capacity. The Commission determined that the judge's judicial style and his methods for controlling the courtroom and dealing with difficult litigants needed to be re-examined and modified to ensure compliance with the judge's duties under the Code. Additionally, the Commission found that the judge's handling of a contempt of court proceeding failed to comply with the law because the show cause notice did not provide sufficient detail of the alleged contemptuous conduct and because the judge left the contempt charges pending and unresolved indefinitely. [Violation of Canons 2A and 3B(4) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.] Private Admonition of a Justice of the Peace. (11/01/13).