• State Bar of Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program (TLAP) -https://www.texasbar.com/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Texas_Lawyers_Assistance_Program1&Template=/CM/HTMLDisplay.cfm&ContentID=32444 Texas Lawyers' Assistance Program (TLAP) is a nationally acclaimed program that provides for the identification, peer intervention and rehabilitation of any Texas attorney, judge, or law student whose professional performance is impaired because of substance abuse, dependency or mental health disorders.
  • Assistance for Judges (TLAP): -https://www.texasbar.com/Content/NavigationMenu/ForLawyers/TexasLawyersAssistanceProgram/Judges/default.htm Judges are in a unique position to help lawyers and other judges who may be challenged by substance use and mental health disorders. TLAP has a special 800 hotline that judges may call to seek help for themselves or other judges: 800-219-6474. TLAP also has volunteers who are judges who are interested in providing peer support to judges in crisis.
  • Texas Ethics Commission - www.ethics.state.tx.us
  • The Texas Ethics Commission serves as a depository of required personal financial disclosure statements and campaign finance reports for state officials and candidates, such as judges.
  • Judicial Ethics Opinionshttp://www.txcourts.gov/media/678096/JudicialEthicsOpinions.pdf
    Advisory opinions are issued by the State Bar of Texas Committee on Judicial Ethics, which construes the Code of Judicial Conduct at the written request of a judicial officer seeking informal ethics advice. The opinions are nonbinding on the Commission on Judicial Conduct.
  • Texas Judicial Branchwww.txcourts.gov
    The Texas Judiciary Online contains a large amount of information about Texas courts, agencies, and committees.
  • Texas Justice Court Training Centerwww.tjctc.org
    The Texas Justice Court Training Center provides education to justices of the peace, constables, and court personnel.
  • Texas Justice Court Judges Associationwww.tjcja.org
    The Texas Justice Court Judges Association is dedicated to the educational and legislative needs of Texas Justice Courts.
  • Texas Municipal Courts Education Centerwww.tmcec.com
    The Texas Municipal Courts Education Center provides judicial education, technical assistance, and resource materials to municipal court judges, court staff, and city prosecutors.
  • Texas Association of Countieswww.county.org
    The Texas Association of Counties provides services to Texas counties and assistance to all county officials, including judicial education and training to county judges.
  • Texas Center for the Judiciarywww.yourhonor.com
    The Texas Center for the Judiciary provides judicial education and training opportunities to appellate, district, and county court at law judges in Texas.
  • United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit - www.ca5.uscourts.gov/
    Complaints about a federal judge should be forwarded to the Clerk of the Court of the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, 600 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130, or (504) 310-7700.
  • State Bar of Texaswww.texasbar.com
    For information or complaints on a Texas attorney contact the State Bar of Texas, Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel. The correct mailing address for that organization is: State Bar of Texas, Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, P.O. Box 12487, Austin, Texas 78711. The Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel may also be reached at 1-800-932-1900. For assistance with finding an attorney in your area call the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-252-9690.
  • State Bar Judicial Ethics Committeewww.judicialsection.com
  • Texas Attorney General - www.oag.state.tx.us
    The Office of the Texas Attorney General serves as legal counsel to the State of Texas. Two of the many responsibilities of the Texas Attorney General include representing Texas agencies and their employees in lawsuits, and defending challenges to state laws. Additionally, the Attorney General issues opinions in response to requests from certain officials and entities.
  • Office of Court Administration www.txcourts.gov/oca.aspx
    The Office of Court Administration (OCA) is a state agency that provides administrative support and technical assistance to all of the state courts of Texas.
  • State Office of Administrative Hearings - www.soah.state.tx.us
    For information or complaints regarding administrative hearing officers for state agencies contact the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) at the following address: PO Box 13025, Austin, TX 78711, or call (512) 475-4993.
  • Texas Commission on Jail Standardswww.tcjs.state.tx.us
    For information or to file a complaint regarding the conditions of jails contact the Texas Commission on Jail Standards at the following address: PO Box 12985, Austin, Texas 78711-2985, or call (512) 463-7943.
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice - www.tdcj.state.tx.us
    For information or to file a complaint regarding prison officials contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice at the following address: Office of Ombudsman, PO Box 99, Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099, or call (936) 437-8035.
  • Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services - www.dfps.state.tx.us
    The Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS) receives, investigates, and assesses reports of abuse, neglect, and the exploitation of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. To report abuse call (512) 834-3784 or 1-800-252-5400. For questions or to file a complaint regarding the employees of TDPRS call the Ombudsman Office at 1-800-720-7777.
  • Governor’s Job Bankwww.twc.state.tx.us/customers/jsemp/jsemp.html
    The Governor’s Job Bank contains job postings with Texas state offices and also provides a downloadable version of the State of Texas Application for Employment.
  • Texas Records and Information Locator (TRAIL) - www.tsl.texas.gov/apps/lrs/agencies/index.html 
    To locate information about Texas state agencies websites.
  • Texas Online - www.texasonline.state.tx.us
    To locate information about Texas state government services.
  • Veteran's Portal - http://veterans.portal.texas.gov. For information on programs, benefits and services available to Veterans and their families.