Suspension Type Judge Judicial Title / Court Date Issued Status
15a Hon. Joe Henry Garza Municipal Court, La Joya, Hidalgo County 08/25/2010 Closed following conviction ( Judge no longer in office)
15a Hon. Mary Alice Palacios* Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4 08/02/2010 Closed following conviction. *Former judge's conviction reversed and rendered by 13th COA on 7/31/14; State's motion for rehearing denied 2/4/15; Mandate issued 5/19/15
15a Hon. HIlda Caceres Municipal Court, Elsa, Hidalgo County 01/11/2010 Closed following conviction. Post-conviction suspension without pay 8/12/10
15a Hon. Regina Arditti 448th Judicial District Court, El Paso, El Paso, County 11/20/2009 Suspension Order lifted following 5/11/11 acquittal by jury
15a Hon. Sissy Hernandez Justice of te Peace, Pct. 2, El Paso, El Paso County 11/20/2009 Closed following conviction (Judge no longer in office)
15a Hon. Donald Jackson County Criminal Court at Law #10, Houston, Harris County 09/03/2009 Closed following conviction (Judge no longer in office)