Private Reprimand and OAE of Justice of the Peace (09/08/16)


The judge failed to comply with the law; failed to maintain professional competence in the law; allowed a relationship with a family member to influence the judge's judgment and conduct; acted with bias toward the family member; and took action in a judicial proceeding in which she was disqualified when she (1) magistrated the family member; (2) released the family member on PR bonds, and (3) later released the family member without any bond. The judge also  engaged in extra-judicial conduct that cast reasonable doubt on her capacity to act impartially as a judge and lent the prestige of judicial office to advance her and the family member's private interests. [Violation of Canons 2A, 2B, 3B(1), 3B(2), 3B(5) and 4A(1).] Private Reprimand and Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace. 09/08/16.