Private Warning of a County Court at Law Judge. (08/07/14).


The judge exceeded his authority and failed to follow the law when he summoned a public defender to his chambers under threat of arrest for posting a comment on his Facebook page boasting about the outcome of a court proceeding that was no longer pending in his court. The judge had no authority to issue a Writ of Attachment in the public defender's arrest; had no contempt authority; and had no express and/or inherent authority to discipline the public defender for his out-of court speech. The judge failed to treat the public defender in a patient, dignified and courteous manner and his conduct fell below the standard of dignified conduct expected of a judicial officer. The judge failed to comply with the Indigent Defense Plan for his county, when he removed the county public defender's office from 39 criminal cases without demonstrating "good cause shown on the record." [Violation of Canons 2A and 3B(4) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.] Private Warning of a County Court at Law Judge. (08/07/14).