Hon. Claudia Brown

 Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Place 1, Killeen, Bell County, Texas
 CJC Nos. 17-0715-JP, et. al.

Public Reprimand and Order of Additional Education

Private Warning of a County Judge (12/15/17)


The judge’s conduct cast public discredit on the judiciary when he: (1) made comments at two Commissioner’s Court meetings threatening to kill and/or physically fight a county department head and a...

Private Admonition of a Justice of Peace (11/17/17)


The judge lent the prestige of his office to advance the private interest of another when he went to the previous employer of his granddaughter to discuss her wish to be rehired with the owner and ...

Hon. Jeremy Warren

 County Court at Law No. 3 & Probate Court
 CJC No. 17-0117-CC

Public Warning and Order of Additional Education

Hon. Teresa Hawthorne

 203rd Judicial District Court, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
 CJC Nos. 17-0189-DI and 17-0362-DI

Public Reprimand

Private Warning of a District Court Judge (11/7/17)


The judge knowingly or recklessly misrepresented the identity, qualifications, present position or other fact concerning himself when he published endorsements that were not valid. Further, the ju...

Hon. Luis Aguilar

 243rd Judicial District Court, El Paso, El Paso County, Texas
 CJC Nos. 15-0984-DI, ET AL.

Public Reprimand and Order of Additional Education

Private Warning and Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace (10/30/17)


The judge failed to comply with the law, and engaged in willful conduct that was clearly inconsistent with the proper performance of his duties and cast public discredit upon the judiciary and the ...