Private Reprimand of a Justice of the Peace. (08/10/12).


The judge failed to treat court staff, defendants, and a prosecutor in a manner that was patient, dignified and courteous. In addition, the judge acted without authority when he banned the prosecut...

Honorable Ronald Keith Billingsley

 Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1, Jasper, Jasper County, Texas
 CJC No. 11-0574-JP

Public Reprimand and Order of Additional Education

Honorable Esequiel ("Cheque") De La Paz

 Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Kingsville, Kleberg County, Texas
 CJC No. 11-0804-JP

Public Warning

Private Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace. (07/05/12).


The judge failed to comply with the law and demonstrated a lack of professional competence in the law when: (1) after conducting a hearing on the merits of a peace bond application and determining ...

Private Admonition of a District Judge. (06/11/12).


The judge failed to require that his court coordinator comply with the provisions of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct. As a result, the court coordinator engaged in a series of improper ex parte ...

Private Reprimand of a Justice of the Peace. (06/04/12).


The judge willfully and/or persistently failed to timely execute the business of his court, in violation of Article V, section 1-a(6)A of the Texas Constitution and Section 33.001(b)(1) of the Texa...

Private Admonition of a Justice of the Peace. (05/21/12).


The judge lent the prestige of his judicial office to advance the private interests of a family member when he used his title “J.P.” and his official court seal on a statement supporting his nephew...

Honorable J. Kent Adams

 Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Place 1, Spring, Harris County, Texas
 CJC Nos. 11-0141-JP and 11-0514-JP

Public Admonition