Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program (TLAP) Seeks Part-Time Judicial Outreach Coordinator

TLAP is looking to contract with a current or former judge for approximately 10 hours/week to help with its judicial education and outreach programs. If interested, please contact Bree Buchanan directly at Bree.Buchanan@Texasbar.com, (512) 427-1453, or (800) 343-8527 for more information.

Honorable Bobby R. Nicholds

 Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Trinity, Trinity County, Texas
 CJC No. 13-0496-JP

Public Reprimand

Honorable Juergen (Skipper) Koetter

 267th Judicial District Court, Victoria, Victoria County, Texas
 CJC No. 12-0849-DI

Public Admonition

Private Reprimand of a Senior Judge. (09/16/13).


The judge failed to follow the law when he sua sponte remanded a defendant into custody and doubled her bond after she appeared in court without her attorney. There was no evidence in the record th...

Private Admonition of a District Judge. (09/16/13).


The judge lost his patience, and failed to act in a dignified, courteous manner when he ordered law enforcement officers and members of the victim’s family to leave the courthouse following a crimi...

Private Admonition and Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace. (09/10/13).


The judge failed to follow the law and demonstrated a lack of professional competence in the law when she: 1) became involved in a church dispute over which she had no jurisdiction; 2) granted a wr...

Private Reprimand of a County Court at Law Judge. (08/19/13).


The judge wore a Halloween costume while presiding over a misdemeanor criminal docket, which demonstrated a failure to conduct court proceedings with the proper order and decorum, and a failure to ...

Private Admonition of a Municipal Court Judge. (08/19/13).


The judge made a phone call to the arresting police officer on behalf of a friend, which was perceived by the officer as an improper attempt by the judge to use of the prestige of judicial office t...

Private Reprimand of a Retired District Judge. (08/19/13).


The judge failed to follow the law and demonstrated a lack of professional competence in the law when he removed a criminal defendant’s court-appointed attorney based solely on the fact that a fami...