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Private Warning and Order of Additional Education of a Justice of the Peace (12/09/05).


Based on ex parte information obtained from his court clerk, the judge reinstated a criminal case after signing an order of dismissal. The judge later dismissed the case a second time. In each in...

Private Warning of a District Judge (10/21/05).


The judge failed to follow proper recusal rules and procedures in several cases where the judge’s relatives were parties in interest. [Violation of Canon 3B(1) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduc...

Private Admonition of a District Judge (09/15/05)


The judge was quoted in a local newspaper regarding his efforts to raise money through a high school booster club. [Violation of Canon 4C(2) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.] Private Admonit...

Private Admonition and Order of Additional Education of a County Judge (08/31/05).


The judge failed to maintain professional competence in the law by failing to issue a Magistrate’s Order for Emergency Protection when required by law and by setting differential bail amounts in co...

Private Admonition of a District Judge (08/30/05).


The judge received free use of a limousine on two occasions from parties or persons whose interests frequently came before him. [Violation of Canon 4D(4)(c) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.]...

Honorable Mary Anne Bramblett

 41st Judicial District Court
 CJC No. 04-0958-DI

Private Warning of a Justice of the Peace (08/11/05).


The judge engaged in improper ex parte communications concerning the merits of a case that was likely to come before his court, failed to afford the defendant the basic rights and safeguards guaran...

Private Warning of a Former District Judge (06/08/05).


The judge made sarcastic and untoward remarks to the defendant and his attorney with others present in the courtroom hallway while the defendant was waiting to appear before a grand jury. The judg...